Everything around us is determined by two main things: construction and climate. Not just the house or building you live in, but also the road you walk or drive on, the sewers, the electricity grid and you name it. The world around us is shaped by how it is built. The climate also has a big influence on our daily lives. You dress for the cold or very hot weather, you conserve water during the dry summers and make good use of the heating or air conditioning at work.

The climate, our environment and buildings are inseparable. This also means that the construction sector can make a major contribution to the climate objectives Europe is committed to via the Green Deal and Fit for 55. The ambitions are big, but necessary. We at Embuild Flanders have understood this too, which is why we spend much of our time working on projects around innovation and sustainability. We like to share that with the outside world. Concerning the interaction between construction and climate, we see four overarching themes, which we therefore use on the blog: sustainability, circularity, innovation and career.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. Usually mentioned in the context of climate, but sustainability also means the ability to maintain or support something continuously over time. In the construction sector, it's about adapting to the environment by creating more greenery and biodiversity, but also the energetic renovation of buildings to use less energy on heating and cooling, and protecting against flooding and water shortages through green-blue levels (a tool created to analyze your house and garden), among others.

Of course, circularity is also important. We need to use materials and resources efficiently and effectively so that we have to mine and use fewer primary raw materials. Today, the construction sector is responsible for some 40% of waste in Flanders, but much of this can be reused. Bio-based materials, which can grow again during a building's lifetime, and change-oriented design are also covered. The Green Deal Circular Construction aloneled to 160 great examples, and a tool exists to help construction teams with their circular ambitions.

No progress without innovation. It is innovation that makes our world and our sector more sustainable and circular. More optimal energy management, for example, is possible thanks to AI. By the way, anyone with an innovative idea on energy in the built environment can develop it with our help. Think also of 3D printers through which we reduce material use, and digital twins for buildings through which we know exactly what we can reuse even before demolition.

All helping hands are welcome in the construction sector, it is well known. Those who want a job with a positive impact on the climate (and by extension a lot of social challenges around people's housing, working and life) are in the right place. Not everyone is aware of this, but our blog aims to change that. We seek not only skilled workers, but also more and more academic profiles to develop and use the new technology. We want to highlight that too.

Everything around us is determined by construction and climate. To create a better, more pleasant and sustainable world, we need to invest in all four topics. On this blog, you will discover how Embuild Flanders is already doing this. Follow the projects and developments closely and get inspired!